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Please check this box if you have already reached out to the retailer and you are over the return period. Effective Feb 15th 2023, we are making some changes to our warranty which may affect your claim. Please review our warranty process here for more information:

If you purchased from a third party retailer(Amazon, The Home Depot, Lowes etc.), you will need to return to the retailer for all of the following issues from Feb 15th 2023 onwards: 1. 'All Missing/broken components 2. All Damaged Shades/Shipping Damage/Lost in transit orders 3. All warranty issues that happen before the retailer return window expires

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If you had adhesive issues, please indicate how long shades remained up before the adhesive failed.

If your shade is an Easy Lift, can you tell us the location and date that is on the sticker on the top rail? This will help us identify the lot number of your shade. If your shade is already installed, you will need to take it down to find the sticker that shows this information. Ex. Cotati CA 3/20 or Knox TN 3/20 (If your shade is an Original Shade, please type NA)

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